Locksmith Zaandam

Locksmith Zaandam

The lock specialist from Zaandam and the surrounding area.

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Locksmith Zaandam

  • Available by phone 24/7 for emergencies
  • A locksmith in Zaandam within 20 minutes
  • Recognized locksmiths with VOG
  • A tailor-made offer in advance
  • Debit card payment can be done safely and on site
  • SKG-safemark
  • SKG-approved locks and certified keys

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Locksmith Zaandam

Voted most reliable locksmith in Zaandam e.o.

With numerous services, SKG-approved material and years of experience, the locksmith Zaandam is ready for you. Make good use of our knowledge about the most diverse burglary prevention to optimally secure your home or business premises. Together with you, we look at the most suitable options within your budget, so that we leave everyone happy and safe. For an urgent problem with locks and keys, you can call our emergency service 24/7.


Locked out in Zaandam

If you are locked out, you can always call the 24/7 emergency service of locksmith Zaandam. Every problem, no matter how complex, is solved by us with dexterity. With years of practical experience and special tools, we ensure that your door is opened without damage. Our team is always mobile and comes into action immediately after you call. We are usually at your doorstep within 20 minutes.

  • Unlock your door without damage
  • Helped immediately with theft of keys
  • 24/7 help with exclusion in Zaandam
  • A recognized locksmith within 20 minutes
  • Fast, professional and helpful
Locked out in Zaandam

The professional services of locksmith Zaandam

By combining speed with quality, the locksmith Zaandam always finds a suitable solution for your problem. For example, you can request burglary prevention advice for better burglary protection, or have a lock opened if you are locked out. Do not hesitate and contact us – we will be happy to assist you.

The professional services of locksmith Zaandam

Replace locks

Do you have problems with a rusty or defective lock, or do you no longer feel safe with your current hinges and locks? Then contact the locksmith Zaandam and have your locks replaced. We will tell you all about the SKG-approved locks in our stock and, together with you, look for the most suitable lock for your home or building.

Open locks

Our mechanic works carefully with special tools to open your locks. By preventing damage to the inner mechanism of the lock, replacement is not necessary. The big advantage of our emergency services is that they are available 24/7; call our emergency line to make use of this.

Burglary protection

To secure your home or building, it is useful to get clear advice about all kinds of security products. The locksmith Zaandam is always aware of the latest burglary prevention methods and works exclusively with SKG-approved material. This way you can arrange optimal security for your home or business premises.

Install multi-point lock

A multi-point lock provides extra security for your doors and windows. You can choose from three, five or seven closures to properly close hinges and locks. Our technician arranges a professional installation, after which you are well protected against forcing from the outside.

Express service

Some problems with hinges and locks require urgent attention. At locksmith Zaandam we know this like no other. That is why we have created an emergency service, which you can reach by telephone 24/7. This makes it possible to receive a technician on site within 20 minutes.

Core pulling protection

Every new cylinder lock that we install is equipped with a special core pulling protection. This protects your home against core pulling: a commonly used burglary technique. It is also possible to use this without replacing your locks. In this case, the cylinder of the lock is covered with a metal layer.

The mechanics of locksmith Zaandam

Our team consists of well-trained technicians who have a good solution for every lock problem. They are always quick to provide assistance.

Locksmith Zaandam costs

With the services of the locksmith in Zaandam you always have a suitable solution for your problems with hinges and locks. Of course it is nice to know in advance what this will cost you. That is why it is always possible to request a customized quote online. You can do this without being committed to anything, so you can decide in peace. For emergencies you can call us, where we will share the cost indication with you over the phone. In addition, it is possible to pay on the spot, free of hidden costs, with your debit card.

Locksmith Zaandam costs

We solve all kinds of problems with your lock in Zaandam and the surrounding area

Years of experience and knowledge about the profession ensure that the locksmith Zaandam can help you with any problem. For urgent problems you can even call us day and night. By calling us we are on site within 20 minutes to help with:

  • Lockout from your home or business premises
  • Lost, forgotten or stolen keys
  • Damage after a burglary
  • A broken lock

“For all your problems with hinges and locks, you can contact the locksmith Zaandam directly.”

Our team includes specialists with VOG, certificates and diplomas, so you know that you are in good hands. Every problem is carefully addressed so that we can help everyone as best as possible. In addition, you can always send us a message for free advice and a tailor-made offer.

For urgent problems, the locksmith in Zaandam comes into action urgently. Situations such as being locked out, faulty locks and burglary damage are dealt with immediately. To ensure that this is always possible, you can call our emergency line. The emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays.

Professional lock breaking Zaandam

Breaking open a lock is done quickly and without damage by the locksmith Zaandam. If you can no longer enter due to lost keys or a defective lock, you can always call our 24/7 emergency service. As a result, you will be answered immediately and you will be able to receive professional help within 20 minutes. We work professionally to avoid further costs, such as replacing material. We also offer this service for a lost bicycle key. Call us and have the lock of your bicycle broken open, so that you can use it again quickly.

  • For the professional breaking of your lock
  • 24/7 a lock specialist in Zaandam
  • Urgent help with a lost bicycle key

Opening a lock in Zaandam

It may happen that after a long day you can't find your keys anywhere. And if you can arrange a spare key somewhere, it will be difficult to get back into your home yourself. There are situations where people themselves break open the lock. However, this can lead to damage to the lock, frame and door, which means that material has to be replaced and costs continue to rise. That is why the locksmith in Zaandam has a 24/7 emergency service. Call us at any time and have a locksmith come to you within 20 minutes to open the lock without damage.

With intensive use of a key and lock, problems can arise sooner or later. Wear and tear can build up and the lock can start to feel stiff, especially if it is a bit older. As a result, the key in the lock can suddenly break off during an effort. The remnants of the key are often difficult to remove from the lock. However, our locksmith in Zaandam has a lot of experience with this and will quickly come to you with special tools. Within 20 minutes of calling, a specialist will be at your doorstep to remove the broken key with minimal damage.

Many of our customers are afraid of damage before opening a door. We understand this, as it is useful to continue using your current lock and key. That is why we ensure that all our locksmiths have the right qualifications and skills to work without damage. Our locksmith in Zaandam can also arrange this flawlessly for you. Call our 24/7 emergency service and get professional help right away. A recognized lock specialist will be with you within 20 minutes to open the door without damage and let you in safely.

Replace locks in Zaandam

Replace locks in Zaandam

Replacing old hinges and locks provides better burglary protection and a sense of security. This is done preventively to prevent problems.

The stock of SKG-approved locks from our locksmith in Zaandam always has a suitable lock for your home or building. This allows us to replace an old lock without any problems. It is wise to be there in time, before further problems and costs arise. We can also be of service if you have a lock without a cylinder, such as a multi-point lock. It is also possible to ask for tailor-made advice first, so that you get more clarity about your options.

Replace cylinder locks

Replace cylinder locks

Do you have problems with your cylinder lock or do you want better burglary protection? Then contact us and have an SKG-approved lock installed.

A cylinder lock is convenient to use and effective in closing your door. These are a number of reasons why the lock can be found on almost every home. A disadvantage of this is that wear and rust can develop after a lot of use, which puts you at risk for a number of problems. The cylinder locks of our locksmith in Zaandam are of good quality and durability. You can always contact us for a strong new lock.

Core pulling protection Zaandam

Core pulling protection Zaandam

For an effective way to prevent burglary, you can opt for a core pulling protection. This prevents the core pulling technique of burglars.

The core pulling technique is aimed at entering a house or building as quickly and easily as possible. A sharp object, such as a screwdriver, is placed on the cylinder of a lock. Then a hammer is used to pull the cylinder out of the fitting. The locksmith Zaandam places a metal layer on the cylinder. This protects the lock from core pulling while leaving room for a key.

The locksmith Zaandam helps with a safe feeling in your home

It is never 100% possible to prevent every burglary attempt on your home or building. What you can do, however, is to make sure your hinges and locks are in order, so that the chance of a successful attempt is minimal. With safe locks on your windows and doors, your sense of security also increases. Our locksmith in Zaandam advises you on the best burglary protection and the installation of security locks.

The locksmith Zaandam helps with a safe feeling in your home

Compensation for damages

Your locksmith in Zaandam and the insurance

If you use a locksmith, it is nice to know when you are entitled to reimbursement of the costs. This is always indicated in the policy conditions of your insurance, so you can check it quickly. An amount is often paid out in cases of burglary damage. Our locksmith in Zaandam repairs the damage and gives you an invoice. You can then submit the invoice to your insurance company.

Your locksmith in Zaandam and the insurance

What if I have lost my bunch of keys?

Losing your keys can make you feel unsafe. What if someone uses your keys to break into your home? That is why our locksmith in Zaandam advises you to replace your locks early. Losing keys is seen by the insurer as negligence, which means that compensation is not always possible. However, this may be the case if you can prove that the key was stolen.

What if I have lost my bunch of keys?

Frequently asked questions to our locksmith in Zaandam

Five frequently asked questions are answered by the locksmith in Zaandam to give you a good insight into our work. If you have another question, can you ask it by filling out the contact form?

  • Available and working 24/7
  • Always a professional locksmith in Zaandam
  • Make your home burglary resistant
  • SKG-certified hinges and locks
  • A local specialist within 20 minutes
Frequently asked questions to our locksmith in Zaandam

How important is it to have a core pulling protection on my lock?

For good burglary protection, a core pulling protection is indispensable for your locks. This protects you against the most commonly used technique of burglars. With a metal layer, the cylinder is protected against burglary without blocking your key.

There are two ways you can contact us. We have a contact form on the website for personal advice and a tailor-made offer. For urgent matters you can immediately call in a locksmith in Zaandam by calling our 24/7 emergency service.

If there is rust on your lock, you run certain risks, including unsafe hinges and locks. In addition, the lock can also suddenly break, which will only increase your problems. Prevent this by replacing the lock in time.

Because we attach great importance to transparency, we always let you know what our locksmith in Zaandam will cost you. You can easily request a tailor-made quote online – without obligations. You will always receive a cost indication over the telephone for emergencies.

The specialists in our team are experienced in everything related to locks. This means we can also help you with your bicycle or car locks. We always work carefully so that no damage occurs to your property.

Kylie from Zaandam

An old lock on my barn door had been stiff for a while. I looked online and came up with this. Was able to make an appointment quickly and I was helped very well.


Mehmet from Zaandam

My keys probably fell out of my pocket on the way home. It was late, but the locksmith was able to get to me quickly. My lock was then opened neatly.


Ingmar from Zaandam

After a burglary at a friend's house, I had the lock specialist come over to check my locks. Received excellent advice after which I had a core pulling protection installed on the lock of my front door.


Working area of the locksmith Zaandam

The locksmith in Zaandam provides you with advice and immediately takes action for urgent problems. You are always welcome to contact us for a professional lock service.

085 - 760 25 17

Common lock problems in Zaandam

My keys were still inside when my door suddenly slammed shut. By calling the emergency service, a locksmith was with me within 20 minutes to open the lock again.


My lock has been opening stiffly for a while. When I turned the lock, my key got stuck and broke off. The specialist worked professionally to remove the key from the lock without damage.


After a move I wasn't sure who had a key to my new home. I could ask the locksmith for advice on burglary protection and I could have my locks replaced professionally.


Need a locksmith in the Zaandam region?

Need a locksmith in the Zaandam region?

085 - 760 25 17